What Home Design Trends Do Buyers Hate?

Home designs buyers hate
Home designs buyers hate

Do you plan on putting your home on the market in the next few months or years? If your answer is yes, then one of the biggest mistakes you can make is updating your home with all of the latest design trends. Although this may seem like a good idea, it’s actually a turnoff for buyers who realize they will have to invest in updating the home to a more classic style. To keep buyers interested, make sure you choose a timeless design and avoid these trends:

Loud colors.

Every season, interior design experts will announce the next trendy color, but this shouldn’t influence you to run out and buy a few gallons of paint. Trendy colors should only be used as accents—think throw pillows, blankets or decorative vases—and should not go up on the wall. If you want to sell your home in the near future, stick to the basics: taupe, gray and beige. If you want to add a little bit of color, you can venture into light blues and greens, but make sure you stick with softer colors that can be used as neutrals.

Converted rooms.

The majority of homebuyers want as many bedrooms as possible in their next home, so if you decide to convert one of your spare bedrooms into a different type of room, you may have trouble selling your home. Not every buyer will fall in love with the bedroom you converted into a game room, and trust us, not all buyers love your high end home yoga studio, either. So, before you decide to convert a room, make sure you can easily convert it back to what it once was so you can sell your home in the future.

Carpet flooring.

Carpet has been seen as sort of the default flooring choice for family homes, but the truth is, buyers aren’t crazy about this flooring material. Carpet shows every footprint and smudge of dirt, so having it in a home with children or pets is asking for trouble. Today’s buyers are looking for wood, laminate tile or other durable flooring options that don’t show wear and tear as easily as carpet. If you’re working on renovations in your home, make sure you switch out carpet to something a bit more luxurious.

Colorful appliances.

A lot of quirky homeowners like to add a splash of color in their kitchen with a bright, cherry red or olive green appliance. You may see this style in home design magazines, but it’s not practical in real life. Homebuyers want stainless steel appliances since these are timeless and known to be very durable, too. If you want to add color to a dull kitchen, consider updating the backsplash instead of changing the appliances since this could very well scare buyers away.

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Don’t Listen to This Horrible Home Selling Advice

home-selling-adviceWhen you start telling your friends and family members about making your New Tampa Home for Sale, you may be flooded with advice from so-called experts. But, what advice should you listen to and what should you ignore? Here’s some of the home selling advice that you may hear when you announce you’re ready to sell:


“You can only sell certain times of the year.”

Although it’s true some seasons are more popular for buyers, it doesn’t mean you should wait a year to sell your home. The truth is, people will buy when the need arises. If they find out they have to relocate or have another baby on the way, they will instantly start to look instead of waiting for spring or summer. So, don’t be scared to put your house on the market in one of the so-called “unpopular” buying seasons. With the right real estate agent, you can sell your home at any time.


“Just use your cell phone to take listing photos.”

Listing a home is not the same as taking a selfie and posting it to Instagram, so leave your cell phone out of your listing photos. These pictures are incredibly important when it comes to drawing in buyers and making a sale, so you should put effort into them by having a professional take the photos. Without strong photos, you won’t even be able to get buyers in the door, so your house will never have a chance on the market.


“You don’t need an agent because the market is so hot.”

You will need an agent whether the market is frozen or on fire. Although it may be easier for an agent to sell your home when the market is performing well, agents still are responsible for negotiating the right price and handling the legal aspects of the deal. These tasks exist whether the market is hot or not, so you should never second guess getting an agent to help you sell your home.


“Hire this agent that I worked with.”

Don’t ever blindly trust your friend’s or family member’s advice without doing a little research on your own. Hiring the right agent is important if you want to sell your home fast and for the right price, so take your time finding one. If someone has a suggestion of who you should work with, that’s great, but make sure you don’t sign with that agent until you get a chance to talk to him or her yourself. Ask how familiar the agent is with the neighborhood, how much time he or she has to take on your listing, and what marketing strategies will be used to sell your home. Let the answers to these questions guide your decision instead of relying solely on your friend’s recommendation.


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Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Home at an Auction

buying-a-home-at-an-auctionHas a friend or family member bragged about an incredible deal on a home they snagged at an auction? This may have left you puzzled, not to mention jealous that you missed out on such a great opportunity. If you’ve never bought or sold a home through an auction, it’s important that you take the time to learn about the process before getting involved. Here’s everything you need to know about buying a home at an auction:

Auctions are only for the brave.

The main reason why so many buyers steer clear of auctions is you are not permitted to look through the home prior to making a bid. When you make an offer on a home not listed through an auction, you have the opportunity to tour the entire home and even call in an inspector to take a closer look. With an auction, you don’t get the chance to do this until after you have placed your bid. This means you could potentially be bidding on a home with serious structural damage, leaks, mold growth, or even a home that has been destroyed by the previous owner.

Don’t expect everything on your wish list.

If you have high expectations for what your future home should look like, it’s probably best that you avoid buying it at an auction. Auctions are designed for buyers who are not adverse to renovations and who are more concerned about getting a great deal rather than the home they’ve always envisioned. There is not a huge selection of homes on the auction block, so don’t expect to find one that has every feature on your checklist.

Have a cut off price.

When you go to a live auction, you can accidentally get caught up in the excitement of placing bids and outbidding the competition. At the end of the auction, you could find yourself way over budget and stuck with a home you weren’t even crazy about in the first place. Before you go to an auction, Google the address and research how much homes in the neighborhood are worth. Then, talk to a real estate agent about the specific property that is being auctioned off and with this information, come up with a cut off price. If the bidding goes above this price during the auction, stick to your plan and walk away from the deal.

Remember the repairs.

When you figure out how much you want to spend on an auction home, make sure you are leaving extra room in your budget for repairs that may be needed. Remember, you won’t know the condition of the house until after you have placed a bid, so there’s no way of knowing what the repairs will cost you ahead of time. Stay cautious and plan for a lot of repairs so you don’t find yourself way over budget.

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How to Sell Your Home Fast

sell-your-home-fastAre you hoping to list your home and sell it fairly quickly? Although you may think the only way to draw buyers in and make a fast deal is lowering the price, but that is definitely not the case. If you want to sell your home fast without compromising on the price, follow these tips:

Work with the best real estate agent.

Sellers who are in a hurry to sell absolutely need to work with a real estate agent, and it shouldn’t be the first agent they flip to in the phonebook or come across on the Internet. Even if you’re in a hurry, spend a little bit of time talking to different agents and determining who is the best fit for what you need. Ask each agent you speak to about their history with buying or selling homes in your neighborhood. How many have they sold in the area? How long did it take them to sell each of these homes? What marketing tactics did they use to get the listing out to the public quickly? Go over each of these questions with agents you speak to in order to find the perfect match.

Don’t go crazy with renovations.

When you’re trying to sell quickly, you don’t have much time to commit to upgrading your entire home, so you should focus on making smaller changes that will make a big impact. Buy fresh towels and display them in the bathroom to give the appearance of an updated bathroom. Switch out the hardware in the kitchen and bathroom to add extra shine and make it look like you’ve done a lot of work throughout the home. These are very inexpensive changes that will have a big impact on how buyers view your home.

Wait for the right time.

It’s a known fact that real estate markets heat up as the temperatures do in the spring and summer, and then cool down again during the fall and winter. If you don’t want to wait until these seasons come, talk to your agent about whether the area you live in is any different. It’s possible that the market could experience a few periods of time during the off season where buyers begin to hit the market again.

Get rid of personal belongings.

Buyers want to visualize themselves living in a home, they don’t want to feel like they’re standing awkwardly in someone else’s living space (even though that’s exactly what they are doing). So, before you start to show the home to buyers, get rid of anything personal. Take down the photos of your family that line the wall alongside the staircase and replace it with a framed piece of artwork you’ve had stored in the closet for years. Before buyers come, put away the dog bed and all the dog’s toys in case the buyer is not an animal person. These small changes can help the buyer see your house as a blank canvas that they can make their own.

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How to Handle Multiple Offers

multiple-offersIt’s every seller’s dream scenario: not only selling their home right away, but receiving multiple offers from different buyers, too! In today’s market, this is becoming less of a dream and more of a reality for many sellers across the country. If you find yourself fielding multiple offers for your home, here are the ways you can handle the situation:

Take the highest bid.

Some sellers don’t take much time to consider other offers and just accept the one that is highest. Although this may pay off sometimes, sellers should be cautious. Remember, a lot of deals fall through at the last minute, so if you are working with a buyer who is bidding far more than he or she can afford, then you probably won’t make it to closing. You have to look at other factors, such as proof of funds or financing, to make sure that you have a serious buyer before committing.

Ask for the best and final offers.

Another way to approach multiple offers is to ask each buyer to submit their best and final offer for consideration. This way, you can let buyers know that there are other deals on the table so they are forced to sweeten theirs as much as possible if they are truly interested in getting the home. Sellers will typically given buyers a deadline to submit their best offers, and then review each one of them carefully with their agent to determine which one has the most to offer. This is a great way to deal with multiple offers as long as the buyers are willing to play your game. Some buyers may be turned off by the possibility of overpaying for the home or jumping through a lot of hoops only to be outbid by someone else.

Counter one, reject all the others.

If you receive multiple offers on your home, you could also choose to counter one offer and then reject all of the rest. This allows you to focus on negotiations with one buyer instead of dealing with a number of people contacting you with questions, contingencies and bids. But, just make sure that you pick the right one to focus on before you say goodbye to the rest of the bidders. It’s not just about the financials at this point. You need to carefully review the offer to make sure that the buyer you choose will be able to pay for your home and isn’t asking for things you are not willing to do. For example, a buyer who is submitting a bid with a lot of repair contingencies attached may not be as attractive as another buyer who is submitting a straight cash offer without these contingencies. Talk to your real estate agent before making a decision.

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Reasons Why You Need A Realtor

Realtor-LogoHow hard can buying or selling a home be without the help of a realtor? Many buyers and sellers find themselves asking this question before realizing just how difficult it can be to navigate the real estate market without the help of a professional. If you’re still wondering why it’s necessary to work with a qualified real estate agent, read these reasons why:

Three letters: MLS.

The Multiple Listing Service, or MLS as it is more commonly known as, is the service that provides real estate agents with information on what homes are currently on the market. There’s one catch though: this service is not available to the general public, which means if you are not working with an agent, you don’t get access to the MLS. When your property isn’t listed on the MLS, other agents won’t see it so they won’t be able to bring their buyers to it, either. Don’t try to buy or sell a home without access to the MLS. It’s always wise to work with a realtor for this reason.


A real estate agent’s experience working in the real estate market is priceless. These agents will be able to tell you which neighborhoods are worth looking at, how you should price your home for sale, how much you should bid on a home you’re interested in, and oh yeah, they can help with contracts, too. Have you ever tried to put together a bid on a home on your own? Legal documents are confusing for people without experience and knowledge, so having an agent around is beneficial when it comes to the paperwork.

Getting into the homes.

Have you ever noticed that homes for sale usually have lockboxes on the front door to prevent people from getting into the home who shouldn’t be there? When you schedule a tour of a home with a real estate agent, he or she calls the seller’s agent to get the key or code to get into the home. If you are not working with an agent, you will have to make the call on your own. Chances are, a seller’s agent will be hesitant to give a stranger the code, but will have no problem turning it over to a licensed real estate agent. Because of this, it can be difficult for you to even see the home you’re interested in without the help of an agent.

It’s free, so why not?

Contrary to popular belief, buyers do not have to pay a dime of commission to real estate agents. The seller is responsible for paying both his own and your agent once the deal has gone through. That’s why it makes zero sense to go through this process on your own as a buyer. It won’t cost you a penny, but it will save you a lot of time and frustration, so there’s no downside to working with a real estate agent when you are trying to buy a home.

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Which Home Improvements Are Worth the Investment?

Which Home Improvements Are Worth the Investment?

Has a real estate agent suggested that you complete a few home improvement projects around the house before listing your home to increase its value? If so, it’s important that you figure out which renovations will provide the highest return on your investment before you begin. Should you do a full kitchen renovation? Or is it better to stick to just a fresh coat of paint? If you’re completely lost, there’s no need to panic! Start by tackling these projects:


Even though landscaping provides no real function to the buyer, it is still well worth the investment. Why? There’s no way that potential buyers will ever be motivated to come inside your house if it doesn’t look appealing from the outside. The best way to add curb appeal is by brightening your lawn with flowers and adding height and with varying shrubs and bushes. You don’t have to spend a fortune on landscaping for it to look decent, but you should spend enough to make a noticeable difference in your yard.

Energy efficient upgrades.

Any kind of upgrade that makes your home more energy efficient will be attractive to today’s buyers, so it is well worth the investment. If you have a bigger budget, consider switching out your kitchen and laundry room appliances for energy efficient models that will reduce monthly utility bills and your carbon footprint. If this is too pricey for your home improvement budget, don’t get discouraged. Opt for cheaper energy efficient projects such as adding insulation to your hot water tank or attic.

Upgrade the lighting.

Perhaps the cheapest and easiest ways to increase the value of your home is to upgrade the lighting. Take out any lighting that’s unflattering, too dull or too bright. Install dimmer switches wherever you can so buyers can choose the mood that they want to set in their new home. In areas like the kitchen, entryway and dining room, choose stunning light fixtures that make a statement and grab the attention of buyers who walk through your home. By making these changes, you are increasing the value of your home without much effort!

Adding a second bathroom.

Do you have an extra closet underneath the staircase that you rarely use? If you have any unused storage space in your home, a wise move would be to convert it into a second bathroom. You don’t have to turn it into a full bathroom, even a half bathroom designed for guests visiting the house will increase the value. The cost of this project will depend mainly on what materials you use for the countertops and flooring. You don’t have to break the bank here to see a return, so choose a durable material with a classic style, but don’t go for top of the line materials.

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