Signs that your Water Pump has Gone Bad

Water Pump going bad
Water Pump going bad

To assure that the quality of your used car stays on par you must have a functioning water pump.  The engine of your car requires coolant to function at its best and when your car’s water pump loses functionality, the vehicle has a far greater chance of overheating or falling victim to subzero temperatures. While the water pump is constructed with long term durability in mind, it is also far from indestructible. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the signs that your water pump has gone bad and what labor is needed to replace it.

Leaking Beneath Timing Belt Cover

The water pump comes equipped with a gasket that is designed to prevent the coolant from being able to leak out. However, these gaskets can become worn down over the course of time and begin to experience failure, due to heat exposure. If a coolant leak is starting to take place and it is coming from beneath the timing belt cover, this is a sure sign that your water pump has begun to go bad.

Loud and/or Loose Pulley

Locate the water pump’s pulley and see if it can be pulled back and forth. If the pulley feels loose or there is any play, this is a sign that pulley’s bearing have begun to wear out and will soon fail. Once the bearing has failed, this causes the water pump to stop turning and the engine soon becomes overheated. Another common symptom of a loose pulley is excessive noise coming from the engine while driving. It is best to check your pulley while the engine is turned off and have it regularly inspected by a professional.

Temperature Gauge Instability

In most instances, the vehicle’s temperature gauge should remain consistent. When the temperature gauge no longer remains in the middle ground between cold and hot and starts to fluctuate drastically, this could mean that the water pump has begun to malfunction and will need to be replaced.

What Labor Will I Need To Replace The Water Pump?

Start by having the cooling system on the vehicle inspected for leaks by a professional. If there are service intervals that have been specified by the manufacturer, be sure to adhere to them. Coolant should also be replaced on an every 50,000 mile basis. These simple actions will help the water pump last longer.

When these tactics fail to keep the water pump functioning, you must rely on a professional to service the issue. The vehicle’s cooling system may need repair and you may require a full replacement of the cooling system and/or water pump.

If you are experiencing any of the aforementioned signs of water pump damage, it is important to bring your vehicle to a professional mechanic immediately, so that they can replace or repair this vital part of your vehicle before it is too late.

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