Don’t Listen to This Horrible Home Selling Advice

home-selling-adviceWhen you start telling your friends and family members about making your New Tampa Home for Sale, you may be flooded with advice from so-called experts. But, what advice should you listen to and what should you ignore? Here’s some of the home selling advice that you may hear when you announce you’re ready to sell:


“You can only sell certain times of the year.”

Although it’s true some seasons are more popular for buyers, it doesn’t mean you should wait a year to sell your home. The truth is, people will buy when the need arises. If they find out they have to relocate or have another baby on the way, they will instantly start to look instead of waiting for spring or summer. So, don’t be scared to put your house on the market in one of the so-called “unpopular” buying seasons. With the right real estate agent, you can sell your home at any time.


“Just use your cell phone to take listing photos.”

Listing a home is not the same as taking a selfie and posting it to Instagram, so leave your cell phone out of your listing photos. These pictures are incredibly important when it comes to drawing in buyers and making a sale, so you should put effort into them by having a professional take the photos. Without strong photos, you won’t even be able to get buyers in the door, so your house will never have a chance on the market.


“You don’t need an agent because the market is so hot.”

You will need an agent whether the market is frozen or on fire. Although it may be easier for an agent to sell your home when the market is performing well, agents still are responsible for negotiating the right price and handling the legal aspects of the deal. These tasks exist whether the market is hot or not, so you should never second guess getting an agent to help you sell your home.


“Hire this agent that I worked with.”

Don’t ever blindly trust your friend’s or family member’s advice without doing a little research on your own. Hiring the right agent is important if you want to sell your home fast and for the right price, so take your time finding one. If someone has a suggestion of who you should work with, that’s great, but make sure you don’t sign with that agent until you get a chance to talk to him or her yourself. Ask how familiar the agent is with the neighborhood, how much time he or she has to take on your listing, and what marketing strategies will be used to sell your home. Let the answers to these questions guide your decision instead of relying solely on your friend’s recommendation.


For more advice on real estate, talk to the pros. Contact our team of real estate experts at Coast 2 Coast Realty who have years of experience working with both buyers and sellers in the Tampa area.

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