Tackle These Repair Projects Before You Sell

Have you lived in your home for years but are now ready to sell it? Before sellers list Wesley Chapel homes, there are a number of small repairs and renovations that can be done to raise the home’s price. Tackle one of these projects this weekend:


Perhaps one of the easiest ways to add value to Wesley Chapel homes is adding a fresh coat of paint. One coat of paint will instantly make a room appear updated and modern, therefore increasing the value of the home. Remember to stick to neutral tones that will appeal to the widest variety of buyers, and stay away from trends. Although it’s popular to have one “statement wall” with a bright color, this fad will not last long, so many home buyers would prefer a more classic paint job.

Popcorn ceilings.

Nothing dates Wesley Chapel homes more than a popcorn ceiling, so if you want to attract more buyers, get rid of this before selling. The good news is that in most situations, you can tackle this project on your own. The bad news is that first, you should contact a professional to test your ceilings and make sure that there is no asbestos. Once you’ve been cleared, go to a hardware store to search for a product that will soften the texture on your ceiling. As it softens, simply scrap it off, but be sure to protect your floor by covering it with an old sheet beforehand. Without popcorn ceilings, Wesley Chapel homes will seem more modern and valuable to potential homebuyers.

Update the kitchen.

The kitchen is a main selling point in many Wesley Chapel homes, but to renovate it completely would be incredibly expensive and time-consuming. Make simple upgrades such as switching out the faucets or cabinet handles that will add interest and value to your home. If you have a larger budget, consider upgrading the appliances and countertops, especially if these are dated.

Clean your carpets.

Instead of paying to have worn down carpet replaced, many sellers choose to prep their Wesley Chapel homes for buyer showings with a professional carpet cleaning. This is especially important if your home has neutral colored carpets that are more likely to show stains or discoloration. It’s amazing how new carpets can look after just one cleaning, but if there are still areas that look run down, try covering them with strategically placed rugs.

Let there be light!

Does your home have boring light fixtures? Up the price of your home by switching these out for newer, sleeker versions. Try adding a small, classic chandelier in the dining area, and a sophisticated hanging light pendant in the entryway to the home. Buyers looking at Wesley Chapel homes pay attention to every detail, so even though these are minor changes, they’ll pay off big in the long run.

Now that you know the basics about raising the price of your home, it’s time to find a real estate agent! Contact the experienced agents at Coast 2 Coast Realty at 1-877-585-7356 for help with buying and selling Wesley Chapel homes.

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